Amazon Ads

Make your business stand out in the most competitive environments.

We use every marketing tactic at our disposal is because every tactic has a specific strategic application. When Amazon fits in your sales and brand strategy, use it.


Amazon reportedly cleared over $250 billion in US retail sales in 2018, potentially 50 percent of all online retail spend in the country, and 5 percent of all retail sales.

The beautiful thing about Amazon Ads, is the platform is in its infancy. Such a giant hub of search demand capture having its advertising capabilities being so young, provides a couple of search advertising professionals an amazing opportunity to product-based businesses dominate their competition, no matter how large the crowd.


It’s been like taking candy from a baby.


Read our user case stories, after starting Amazon Ads campaigns, we saw revenue increases of 20% while decreasing advertising cost of sales by 30%.


Do the math for your current spending and let that increase in ROI sink in for a moment.

After an extensively thorough audit, we will optimize your campaign groupings, keyword targeting, audience focus, and bidding strategies. We use all available data and research to write optimized headlines to attract the right customers, keyword-rich and informative content for your product pages built to produce.


Plus fully optimize your Amazon store and organic product pages for organic Amazon search and higher conversion rates for all shoppers. When you give us your Amazon account, you’re getting a complete renovation and remodel of your business.

Don’t be afraid to go there.

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Demand Capture and Making Sense of Amazon.

Amazon has already solved your businesses first major problem for you. They’ve already generated all the demand for your products and brought it to one place, all you have to do is capture it.


When it comes to Paid Search, or as I would suggest, “Demand Capture” marketing, it not so much about trying to convince your customer audience to buy something. Instead, let’s focus on one of our favorite terms, “Intent.”


Potential customers searching on Amazon are there for a reason, they “Intend” to buy something. Something they searched for, something that you offer. Our methodology is simple:


They want it.

They searched for it.

You have it.

Show them where.

Show them why.

Show them how.


Show them an attractive listing with the product they’re looking for and a page to match, and sales aren’t far behind.


Amazon’s already done most of the work, now let us finish it. Success in e-commerce is just around the corner with Firmly Rooted Digital Marketing.