Facebook Media Buying.

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The right way to build a community of buyers.

Interest Targeting, re-marketing, and conversion.

Conversion on Facebook may take up to 8-10 touches in this new world of marketing that we’re in. So build a better traffic strategy that takes advantage of everything at our disposal. Build a network of conversion assets to pull them in through our content, and re-target in a way that has been proven through over $50 million in revenue generated on Facebook.

The example shown highlights the many ways media buying works together to target and sell through Facebook and Instagram. Every campaign has a specific purpose and is built specific toward that purpose with tailored goals and campaign types.

We want to hook a cold audience. Re-target and convert. Then up-sell, cross-sell, and re-market. Build and create a loyal community of followers and repeat customers with strategies that work together and produce undeniable results. Understanding how to market on Facebook is not common knowledge. Many people will tout themselves experts but few have the knowledge, experience, and proof to generate the success worthy of your adspend and investment. There is a high level we hold ourselves accountable to. That means we market the right way, every time; and expect you to hold us to such standards.

You get out, what you put in.

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Facebook advertising requires capital. To do it right you’re going to want multiple pre-sell articles, campaigns, different types of campaigns, and good conversion assets. What if a buyer clicks on your ad, visits your pre-sell article, goes to your shop, then to a product page and leaves. Do you have funnels designed for each step of that process to re-target them?

For example; we’d have specific campaigns for the buyer who visited the article but didn’t click through to the store, for the buyer who visited the shop but never made it to a product page, and another one for the buyer who went all the way through to the product page and perhaps even put something in their cart but then left.

Every interest, action, behavior, and insight we have is used to build a complete marketing campaign down to the smallest detail of spend to ensure your marketing runs as perfect as we can make it.

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