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Audience Growth and Sneaky Good Messaging for LinkedIn.

We use LinkedIn marketing a little different than most. Our filter and target software pinpoints a very select audience group based off of their job titles, years experience, industry niche, and profile keywords for your audience growth and content distribution. What LinkedIn would charge you thousands of dollars to do you’ll get for a few hundred bucks – and I’m about to rattle off enough value that every one of you should be asking about this.

The Linking(In) system is a unique automation service with a ton of data, analytics, and research to fuel it. You build connections with a highly targeted business set and kick-off a sales funnel process that includes: starting one-on-one conversations through LinkedIn inmail and publishing content, promotions, and articles straight to their news feed. When they engage, now you’re also connecting with their network of business professionals too.

The beauty is in the retargeting. Our base package gives you 250 mass messages sent per week. Professionally written messages sent to drive traffic and conversions with beautiful precision so you don’t oversaturate a connection and do not send a connection the same message twice.

The numbers you care about.

linked in marketing

If you were to use LinkedIn InMail, their advertising emails you’ve likely seen and been pitched, you’ll send messages to people you’re not connected to and sped anywhere between $2-$10 each. Our Linking(in) marketing starts with 1,000 messages per month to targeted users who you are connected to, with messages written for a specific purpose to an audience of very specific people.

Not only will you not have to write your messages. But to send 1,000 messages per month using LinkedIn’s services you’ll pay anywhere from $2,000 – $10,000. With our service you’re paying less than $500, AND that includes: copywriting, editing, reports, analytics, plus a quarterly list dump of your new connections contact information to add to your CMS.

At the end of each quarter, we will provide you with a list of your newly made connections for your marketing use. Sorted by title or company, and including their email address, job title, company, name and sometime phone numbers. If you want phone numbers, we can discuss other ways of providing that information. This means they’re not only your LinkedIn connections, now they’re part of your marketing list for: email, Facebook advertising,  media buying, Google ads, etc.

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