It may be true calm seas never made a skilled sailor but having the right tools, guidance, and captain ensure your safety and get you where you want to go faster. We’re here to share and open up about how and why our crawl, walk, run philosophy works so well. To evolve marketing strategies based on need and opportunity, only growing when needed. Then scale through smart analytics and success with power and intelligence.

firmly rooted management

Move your business with purpose

firmly rooted analytics


As you’ll hear Tyler say, “This is Chess, not checkers”. Analytics separate success and failure. Making the right moves at the right time avoid costly mistakes and propel growth. Always be a step ahead and build a powerful marketing strategy that maximizes your business, don’t copy someone else’s.

firmly rooted marketing


Our LinkedIn marketing uses a unique software to target a very select audience for B2B list building. Add thousands of connections based on job titles, years experience, industry niche, and profile keywords for a highly targeted list of people we know need what you offer. Go straight to the top with Linking(In).

Social Media

The crown jewel of marketing. Social media marketing has the capability to build billion dollar empires and keep customers fascinated with what your brand is doing. It’s not for everyone, but media buying and smart funnels may be the fastest way we know how to turn $10,000 into $50,000. Scale accordingly.

firmly rooted management


Content will always be king. You have mere MOMENTS to capture someone’s attention before they’re gone. Create, design, and develop content that pulls am audience in closer and doesn’t let them go. Learn their interests, pain points, wants, and desires for content that’s easy to create and hard to ignore.

firmly rooted retargeting

Audience Development

How do you build an audience that wants to buy from you and will buy from you time and time again? You have to know your audience first, and have insights that very few companies ever do. Knowing how to research and understand an audience, then reach them where they are, and show them what they want to see…

firmly rooted management


Do you have a Customer-Relationship Management system? If you do, are you using it to build a database of consumer information, behaviors, and habits to design dynamic marketing campaigns to reach a buyer 8, 9, 10 times with different messages for different actions each user may take? Evolve your marketing and your CRM.